About the B.H.K.?

We are the Beach House Kitchen.  A hill-side refuge for lovers of vegetarian food, real home cooked fare, always bursting with flavour and normally good for you.  Food to make you sparkle and zing.  Super healthy wonder food!

I am Lee and I live with sweet Jane.  We are passionate about vegetables, fruits, beans, pulses and of course NUTS!  Vegetarian food in all its lovely forms and textures, both cooking it and growing it.

I do most of the cooking and Jane, the washing up (and perfect cups of tea).  We live a peaceful, natural life and hope that the Beach House Kitchen will give you a healthy slice of both.

We like to make cooking simple and fun.  Our ingredients are local and organic (when we can!) and always as fresh as a daisy (always!).  We share everything, all the knowledge we glean and tasty morsels we much will be here.

As well as focusing on the healthy style of cooking that we love eating everyday, we will promote an occasional moment of decadence.  Our ‘treat’ section will take care of those times of much-needed indulgence.  Curled up in a corner with a slab of brownie or a drop of sloe gin, we all need a little sweetness in our lives.

The Beach House is located in the Snowdonia Mountain Range in Wales, overlooking the Irish Sea and the island of Angelsey, a 200-year-old slate cottage with a cosy kitchen that is home to all our inspiration and recipes.  Croeso (Welcome)!

The Beach House

We both love to travel and our journey has taken us all over the planet.  You will see this in our food, we love to experiment.  At the minute it’s wet and windy so I’m making a lot of hearty beans stews.  The beans are from Panama, the veg from the organic farm down the road and spices brought from my favourite spice shop in Mumbai.  These are treats of course, we believe in a ‘zero food mile’ approach when possible.  I normally walk to the farm with my backpack on and our organic veg garden will be blooming later this year.  Bring on the beetroot!

Jane and I, my first day at the Beach House

We feel a deep connection to environmental issues and organic practices and will give regular tips and links on how to minimise your consumption and impact on the environment.  Moving towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

I am a devoted wine and beer sipper and will unselfishly sample different tipples and give my verdict (everything in moderation of course), always trying to think of new ways to pair veggie food with quality drink.

Let us know if you like our stuff.  We are always open to new suggestions, feedback or your recipes.  We’d love to hear from you (there are more sheep in our village than people!)

Happy cookingX


The Nantlle Valley, our back garden view


59 thoughts on “About the B.H.K.?

  1. brother Lee….I love it. keep up the good work with this blog….I believe it has some legs!

    Love and peas, All at Antipodas tavern in sunny La Azohia XXX

    • Brother Dorada, Que pasa? How’s Mercadona treating you? Thanks for the comments sir, I’ll be quaffing a cana with you in late April…can’t wait. Its beautiful here, but I can’t feel my face (cold, not sedated). Viva la puta vida. Peace and Much Love to allXXXXX (whats Rachs email, I have two and neither work)

  2. Judith Clegg

    stunning, I wish this was the view I had from my back garden :-)
    Love Jude xx

    • Thanks for the kind feedback Judith. Those hills are covered with snow at the minute, which makes it even more breathtaking!! Wow. I may go and take a picture now and stick it on the blog. Jane says ‘HELLO’XXXX

  3. Hi I’ve nominated your blog for a Kreativ blog award, you can see the post here http://veghotpot.wordpress.com/2012/04/18/kreativ-blogger-award/ xx

    • Hello VegHotPot, Many thanks for the nomination, we are chuffed to bits that you are enjoying the Beach House flow. We love your stuffX Jane.

  4. It appears that you may have created the perfect life for yourselves. :-)

    • Thanks for that, we are having a ball! Spring is here and we’ve been in the garden all day. Life is good on the hill. Wishing you a lovely time. Jane and LeeX

  5. My son studied at Atlantic College, and we visited that ruggedly beautiful country while we were there. If your Beach House Kitchen were open for paying clients, I’m thinking (and judging from the looks of your blog) that it woud be well worth the trek should we ever return! :-)

  6. Hey Lee and sweet Jane – wonderful to have found you both. Just reading this felt like I have started on a healthier life. Would look forward to future posts on BHK!

    • Cheers Ishita. Just returned from a weekend visiting Janes folks in Stafford, plenty of cake and tea…had a lovely Indian meal last night but always look forward to our fruity and veggie BHK lifestyle. Roll on the smoothies. Raw diet is coming soon, no muesli! Ouch!

  7. Hi! I really enjoy your blog and have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. You can check out the post here: http://morethangreens.wordpress.com/2012/05/04/versatile-blogger-award/

    Have a great day!

    - Sarah

    • Hello there Sarah, I totally forgot about this. Oops. Thanks so much for nominating us, I will attempt a post tomorrow. Have fine times, lee

  8. Great site design and photos! I grew up on a different kind of beach in Sarasota, Florida. It’s always strange to see people at the beach in coats, haha. :) Beautiful life you have there, though. Cheers!

    • Thanks a bunch! Great to gave you here. You are always welcome in wild north wales, the beaches are dramatic and normally windswept, but some have white sand and on occasion, the sea calms enough for a swim. A long way from Florida…Happy days, lee and janeX

  9. Raynifly

    I LOVE THIS SITE! I’ll read the entries one by one by one when I have the time. :-)

    • Thank you so much, it means alot……..Have a great time reading and please keep in touch. We are off to see what you are up to….Happy days, lee and janeX

  10. Hi Jane & Lee! Thanks for visiting my blog and liking some posts. And thank you, therefore, for bringing me to your own blog. Awesome, very creative and inspiring!! Congrats with your beach house… and of course its very kitchen corner.. for sure I’ll be checking BHK regularly.

    All the best!

    • Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Great to have you here, the door is always open for great people. Happiness, lee and janeX

  11. You guys are too cute! Great work. :)

    • Thank you beverly hills! We have hills here, but they aren’t quite as glamorous! Thanks for dropping by, lee and janeX

  12. Hello Jane & Lee! Thanks for liking our blog; I’m happy to have found a new favorite site in your blog. I’ll have to make that raw Thai soup sometime soon!

  13. Susan T's Kitchen

    From my Beachy Vegetarian Kitchen to your Beachy Vegetarian Kitchen!

  14. Cheers, Leroy! I listed you in my One Lovely Blog list! Participate if you like! I’ve noticed that these awards go around a lot.

  15. You have a great & cool blog here! :) I love it! Thanks for visiting my blog so that I could discover yours! :)
    Many greets from Belgium!

    • Great to have you here for a while Sophie, your blog is very tasty and lots of fun. Have great times, lee and janex

  16. Hi there, I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award! I truly enjoy your site; keep posting! :-) Make sure to click the link.

    • That is so very sweet of you. We love reading your blog too, your writing conveys your joy and happiness. You make us smile and for that alone, you are our hero. Peace and light (and many thanks), lee and janeXXXXX

      • You’re welcome and thank you dearly for your words. It is great to know that through my writing others can sense my sense of joy in life. :-)

        Love and Light,

  17. Your writing emanates peace, I am thoroughly enjoying reading your blog!
    I just moved from Alaska (after breaking all our records for snow this past winter) to the beach, Charleston SC USA…My toes haven’t been cold in 6 weeks!
    From my new beach kitchen to yours, I look forward to reading more :)

    • Ive heard alot about Charleston, many people seem to go there. Warm toes are so important! Lovely to have you here, looking forward to checking out all your plant based adventures. Viva beachy kitchens! Happy days, leex

  18. I am really enjoying your blog (love vegetarian) and am nominating you for the Beautiful Blogger(s) Award. See my post for details (http://karinwiberg.wordpress.com/2012/08/12/one-lovely-blog-beautiful-blogger-awards/). Thanks for the great work! –Karin

  19. Wren

    Hi! What a sweet photo of you and Jane. Your blog is very inspiring. I also have to say that after reading this little bio here I googled images of the Irish Sea and the mountain ranges you mentioned — seems like a dream away to my husband and I over here in Lakeland, FL! What a pleasure to be able to walk over to the farm & get fresh produce. We have very few here, and we cannot walk to them unfortunately. However, we will be starting another garden soon! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Funnily, we just saw a beautiful wren on our walk today. Tiny little bird with a big voice! Lovely to have you here, thank you for the kind words. Peace and Happiness, lee and janex

  20. I had nominated you for One Lovely Blog Award… http://ybertaud9.wordpress.com/2012/12/10/one-lovely-blog-award/

  21. Hey there Lee and Jane! Thanks for liking a post on my blog. I live by the beach in California – I can’t imagine living inland. Anyway, I like the philosophy you guys have about food. Great blog – keep it up! Celeste

    • Great Celeste, lovely to hear of other people living near the beach. Ours has sheep, yours has palm trees, fancy a swap!!!!! Happy days, lee and janex

  22. Hmmmm… that’s something to think about:)

  23. Lovely vibrant blog! Have followed now gonna take a look around. Cheers :)

  24. The picture of the mung beans did it for me. As soon as I saw those sweet babies I was like ‘follow’! hahahaha, beautiful pics, beautiful site, I’m looking forward to your posts!

    • Thanks Sammy, mung beans are close friends of the beach house. Its a little cold to sprout in the cottage at the minute, we look forward to summer, the season of the sprout here in Wales. Thanks for dropping by, have great times. Lee and Janex

  25. Pingback: Thai Mango and Coconut Forbidden Purple Rice with Basil (Vegan) | the beach house kitchen

  26. You have such a unique story and life!! I’m enjoying looking through your many versatile and wonderful recipes!

    • Brilliant to have you here Kristin, have a great look around. Hope you get to try a few out one day! Happy days, lee and janex

  27. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am excited to look over your blog. My husband and I are vegans and I am always looking for new recipes. By living in Virginia we are able to grow most, unfortunately not all, of our own food. Have already found some recipes to try. Blessings to you my friend.

    • You lucky guys! We try and get a veg patch going, but its hard going on these rainy hills. Last year we got a few veggies from the land, but the slugs got most. This year we are going for it again, with greater slug defenses. Looking forward to reading more of your blog too. Happy days to Virginia

  28. Pingback: Friday Faves, July 12 | Living Simply Free

  29. Really lovely blog and story :)

  30. Hi Jane and Lee.,
    Your garden view is amazing., being a vegetarian myself and from India where it is so common, I really appreciate it when people are willing to try out veg food., looking forward to reading more of your posts..

    • Thanks for stopping by Beena, great to have you up here in the hills of Wales. It is a spectacular place to live and we are so lucky, especially with the weather at the moment which is radiant. Have great times, lee and janex

  31. Thanks Lee for Following my blog and Liking my posts….good to also see your work with vegetarian food here…I’m a vegan for many years myself….wishing you much Light and Peace along your Journey, and tell your Jane she’s Lovely…you’re a lucky man to have a Beautiful Lady like her in your life…Wishing both of you Love Always…Noel

    • brother noel, thanks for dropping by and especially your Janie comments. I will pass them on (and she will smile and laugh alot!). we are heading to India in Jan and will be passing by Auroville for a time. Its a special corner of the world, just like your blog my friend. I am always looking for new vegan recipes to try and of course, Indian food is sublime. Peace and Pumpkins, lee

      • Thank you for your kind words…interesting that you will be passing by Auroville…I am actually in the U.S. at the moment, possibly passing through Europe/London when I return most likely in January…perhaps we’ll cross paths…you can keep in touch through my Contact page, as you wish! Peace and Light….

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