Photo Scrapbook

The Beach House

The Giant Red Teapot

The Windowsill


Jane and I working outside

The Oat Cake Tin

Nan’s egg cup

Buster smells cooking

Beans and bobs

Jane on the beach

More eggcup love

Bit of Kale

B-Movie Beetroot

Herb garden


The Watering Can

Above Pen-y-pas

Jane on her bike

Fox in the mug

Local carrot freaks

Apple juice made by local kids

The Snowdon Horse Shoe

Heart of the ‘root

Jane on Angelsey

Our sprouts

Morning Juice

Beach House Art

Spud patch

Up at the stone circle, overlooking the Nantlle Valley.

The Beach House Kitchen



3 thoughts on “Photo Scrapbook

  1. Nice photos! Cheers!

  2. City girl went out into the country this morning…if just for a few moments…lovely, lovely place. Glorious photos. Thanks.

    • You are welcome anytime out here in the wilds. I can assure you, its not all sunshine and mountains (more grey clouds and high winds at the moment!). It is a beautiful area. Have a wonderful day, lee

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